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                                                                                    About Department

The computer science and engineering department was established in the year 1986. Since the inception, it is consistently creating its place of excellence not only within the institute but among its counter parts in the country and abroad. Bright students from all the parts of the country for quality education in computer science and engineering at under graduate, post graduate, and doctoral levels are attracted. The department has highly qualified and competent faculty members, and adequate facilities to support teaching and learning activity.



Department of CSE will continue to provide high impact on teaching/learning process, technological advancement and research discoveries that will have worldwide implications and benefit humankind.



Technological change is ongoing phenomenal for improvement of human condition. The Department of CSE community- students, staff, faculty and alumni will realize our motto of “Progress and Service” through effectiveness and innovation in teaching and learning, research advancement and entrepreneurship in all sectors of society.

Programme Educational Objectives

  • To develop a high level of technical expertise so that students are able to succeed positions in Computer science and engineering practice or research and in other fields they choose to pursue.
  • To develop competency so that students will produce efficient software / hardware design based on sound principles and that consider functionality, efficiency, cost effectiveness and sustainability.
  • To encourage lifelong learning habits among students so that they will easily face day by day challenges.
  • To develop leadership qualities both in their chosen profession and other activities

Programme Outcomes

  • To develop mathematical foundation a. for computer science.
  • Ability to design efficient algorithms.
  • Ability to develop well designed software.
  • Ability to handle large databases.
  • Ability to design programming languages and their compilers.
  • Ability to modify routines of operating system.
  • Ability to design computer networks and analyse their performance parameters.
  • Deal with the security issues.
  • Ability to understand computer logics and hardware.
  • Ability to model and simulate real life complex problems.
  • Ability to learn multi disciplinary systems.
  • Understanding professional and ethical responsibilities.
  • Abilityto extract knowledge from large data.
  • Ability to apply human intelligence on computer.
  • Ability to work in group.





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